about me

hey! i'm marcelle. i'm a 19 year old genderfluid (she/he/they) lad from canada. here's some more info about myself

nickname(s) ; marc, marcy, marci, marceline
birthday ; april 2nd 2000
zodiac signs ; aries (western zodiac) & dragon (chinese zodiac)
fun factz ;
- im blonde
- ive had pneumonia like 4 times in the span of my lifetime
- i can do a pretty decent skeletor voice (controversial among friends)
- my hobbies consist of drawing, learning languages, and generally being a foolish little man
- i have 4 small pet birds and i would defend them with my life
- i genuinely enjoy the flavor of mint. a lot. catch me eating toothpaste under the sink

social media

twitter ; @traumagotchi
tumblr ; @gatchapon
instagram ; @gatchapon
vent ; @marcelle
tellonym ; @traumagotchi